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"Sri Lalaama - Sri Krishna leela" - A spectacular Indian Classical Dance Ballet
"Sri Lalaama/ Sri Krishna Leela - A spectacular Classical Dance Ballet" 

Sat 5:30pm - 8:30pm, Sept 28th, 2013 @ The SmithWick Theater, Foothill College, Los Altos, CA


Nrithya Roopaka - "Sri Lalaama" - A Classical Dance Ballet

The Story: On the day of his sister's wedding, King Kamsa is told in a prophecy that his sister's eighth son would kill him. "Sri Krishna Leela" brings to life the Dwapara Yuga of Krishna. Watch with bated breath as the story unfolds. Don't let go of your little ones - the monstrous Putani is out to kill every child. Danger lurkes everywhere. The serpent Kalinga stalks the river Yamuna. And Kamsa is bent on killing little Krishna. Don't miss Krishna's charming play with the Gopikas.


Vidwan Chandrashekara Navada

"Karnataka Kalashri"

Vidwan Chandrashekara Navada


Bharatha Award Winner

Rajyothsava Award Winner

Sangeeta Nritya Academy Award Winner

Smt. Sneha Vivek,  Artistic Director,  Natya Ninada

Smt. Sneha Vivek

Artistic Director, Natya Ninada


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